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About Us

The Congregational Church of Chrisitan Fellowship Community Ventures (CCCF Community Ventures) was established to assist the underprivleged community in which the church is located. CCCF Community Ventures seeks to provide the following charitable support services:

  • Community Resource Center - Maintain and establish a support center that provides information, direction, essentials, food, vital/survival services and other resources 

  • Space - Continue to provide the site for an independently operated early childhood development and daycare program for children in need within the community.

  • Church Restoration - Fund projects and maintenance for CCCF facilities to adhere to city codes, remain safe and operable. 

CCCF Community Ventures relies on local community volunteers, church members, board members and partnerships with other similar, local and qualified non-profit organizations. Activities are conducted on a monthly basis or more often based on local community needs. 


  • LaStanja Baker

  • Virginia P. Bland

  • Alice Walker Duff

  • Clifton L. Johnson

  • Clark Lindsey

  • Trudy Williams

The History of The Congregational Church of Christian Fellowship

Before words like diversity, equity, and inclusion became popular, three pastors of diverse backgrounds believed in God’s word and brought those terms to life. In 1945, Reverend Harold Kingsley (African American), Reverend Royden Suzu-Maga (Japanese American) and Reverend Raymond Booth (White American) met in the living room of a home at 3332 W. Adams Blvd. to start The Congregational Church of Christian Fellowship (CCCF).


For over 80 years, CCCF has been on the frontlines of social justice, civil rights, mental health and community uplift. Members marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., worked with SCLC and supported activist Cesar Chavez, who stayed in our Fellowship House when he came to town to organize protests for migrant farmers. The church has also advocated for seniors, children, the mentally ill and the homeless.


Today CCCF is the sight for an early childhood development and day care program, providing underprivileged children, safe care, while their parents work. Pastor McKnight was appointed Senior Pastor in 2005. Under his leadership, the spiritual vitality of CCCF continued, the membership grew and new ministries were established. The church also continued its community outreach, entered new business ventures, and connected with a small African village. 

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